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Alastis - Fatidical Date [Switzerland, 1992] [FFO: Early Samael, Xantotol]

2019.09.10 01:40 lombard0_o Alastis - Fatidical Date [Switzerland, 1992] [FFO: Early Samael, Xantotol]

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2016.04.14 17:15 tabledresser [Table] IamA Kaur Kender! I'm a writer who is being charged for literary fiction because of exposing the fentanyl situation in Estonia! AMA!

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Date: 2016-04-14
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Where do you draw the line between what's child pornography and what's not? Are sexualized illustrations of children child pornography? Are animated movies? Why? I don't really care. I'm a writer. I do things with words. Same alphabet as you. Same words.
What makes you so sure that this is some sort of a conspiracy against you? What evidence do you have that a person with other political beliefs w/e wouldn't be treated the same for writing child pornography? Because my story is nothing new. There is Burrougs, Naked Lunch, De Sade 120 Days of Sodom and bunch of other similar works in Esotnian. No prosecutor investigates them. On censors. De Sade is so much more graphic than me. Ok, i steal form him a lot and make it contemporary but still - I'm good writer but ot THAT original.
What has the Estonian establishment to gain by downplaying the fentanyl addiction situation? Well it's a question on institutional racism. Most of the people with problems are ethnic Russians. most of the establishment ethnic Estonians. I'm considered Enemy of the Reich.
Estonia is ranked very highly in press freedom, and corruption perception index. Yet you portray Estonia as some backwards authoritarian country. Why should we believe you, a person who obviously is biased since you're being prosecuted, over all of these studies? You should not. We have same party in power for last 17 years. yes, they change prime ministers but it's the same party. I've seen no country where huge drug business is run by zero political corruption. So go ahead with your indexes while i'm being prosecuted here.
In the United States we are currently experiencing an epidemic of death by fentanyl. In The last 4 weeks in Nj we have probably seen close to 40+ deaths. We have it worst. here some numbers: Link to
What are addiction services like in Estonia? Do you guys have suboxone and methadone? Services are few and underfunded. We have to get swiss model working here or these deaths will never stop. Also our HIV rates are comparable to some African countries only. US, UK, FIN ambassadors even made public plea to do something. But local politicians just don't care. Link to
How the fuck are you potentially getting charged for child pornography? Regardless of what you wrote, that is stupid, but what did you write about sexual abuse against children? I'm an author of 11 books. Most of them transgressive. I wrote about junkies, perverts, murderers mostly. This story is about Estonian Psycho. He is a rich national Estonian who is addicted to internet porn and sex. So as his addiction goes worst he escalates raping, killing senseless amount of people and kids. So this is grotesque satire of Estonian society. It's horror story by design. But as PEN International said: this is all political persecution.
What do you consider the best case scenario for your case? Do you notice a change in the conversations you're having with friends and loved ones now that you're facing potential prison time? I plan for worst so I don't spend that much time just wishing this whole thing away. But everything in Eastern Europe is getting worse I don't see how there could suddenly be some change. And my kids are not scared because kids almost never are and their favorite rapper and good friend of mine Beebilõust spent almost 7 years in jail. So we will survive. But thanks for asking. It reminded me to think more about my loved ones.
What are your options? Is the legal system there likely to work, or will you be 'made an example of'? Ny lawyer tell me that more than 95% of cases that go to court are found guilty. So i have about 5% chance. It's no Russian roulette. It's Estonian Roulette. But again: these are only statistics I have. I have no way knowing what Court thinks or does. If there were functioning legal system there would be no way this kind of case had made it to the Courts.
Kes on sinu jaoks kõige tähtsamad filosoofid? Milline on parim poliitikast ja sotsiaalsetest teemadest üldpilti andev raamat? Kes on sinu jaoks Eesti 5 parimat räpparit? Oh! kõva küsimus! Protagoras, Gorgias, Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Taleb. Loe Varoufakise värskelt ilmunud raamat: Link to ja siis loe Burroughsi Alasti Lõunasöök ja eesti räpparid Beebilõust, Okym, Ice, Genka, Reket - minu lemmikud, kui viis. Aga mulle meeldib tglt veel Maxtract ja 5miinust ja Stjopa gang ja veel hunnik
Hello, i must say i think your efforts are extremely commendable. My wife's father and his family are from Estonia, though he moved and she was born in Russia. I know she wants to visit at some point and connect with her heritage. Good idea to visit? How are tourists treated? There is open racism in streets even in Tallinn now. If you don't look local or even worse: if you are not white there are good chance to get insulted by angry locals. Even foreign investors warn that this can be very bad for Esonia. Link to
Mis sa arvad, kui suur on tõenäosus, et sa kinni lähed? Oled sa mõelnud kunagi mõne oma raamatu filmiks teha või on sulle pakutud sellist varianti? Mis su lemmik videomäng on? Juristid ütlevad, et 95% keissidest, mis jõuavad kohtusse mõistetakse süüdi. nii et ma ei tea. aga kui mind selle looga süüdi mõistetakse siis on mul 100% kinniminek varsti. esiteks on mul ju selliseid lugusid veel. ja mis sa arvad, mida ma siis edasi kirjutama hakkan? tseki seda: see on ju sama haige kui U12 - Link to
Do you honestly think that there is someone or some group of people trying to silence/censor you ? Because the act of being sued for graphic descriptions in the book and you trying to raise awareness about fentanyl and a corrupt goverment are two seemingly unrelated things. I mean, no one forced you to write the child abuse section the way you did, so why is it "their" fault and not yours ? Related to that, did you ever consider to write the book in a different style or try to tone it down a bit ? Not only me, PEN International Estonian Chapter and every sane people thinks that this is political persecution. And it's all related. Attacking me they wanted to discredit whole NIHILIST.FM where i first published novel and where we started war against the war on fentanyl. I'm an author of 11 books. About half of them are transgressive. Another half not that much. I wanted to write even worse child abuse section but I'm no De Sade, so I copied some key ideas form "120 days of Sodom"
Sina kui endine reklaamiguru - mis sa arvad, kas sotsiaalkampaaniad, mis Eestis on olnud varem ja kus portreteeritakse narkomaaniat kui madalamate ühiskonnakihtide probleemi, on kasulikud või kahjulikud? Või pole meil nendega üldse midagi peale hakata? Ma arvan, et need oleksid kasulikud, kui nad oleksid alt üles. Nagu enamus kampaaniaid, enamus poliitikaid, peab olema alt üles. Ülevalt alla ei toimi. Vaata siins see Just Mini narkosabbat, siin Šveitsi näide: Link to Aga praegusel kujul on nende toimimine kahtlane. Kes neid usub?
Why not leave? i stepped onto a plane in Moscow almost 35 years ago and have never gone back or wanted to go back and don't even care what happens there anymore. why not leave for some place better? Again: great question. I have no great answers. But it's on the table. Not only because of my personal case but these torchlit nazi marches are getting bigger and bigger every year. And that might push me to move and take my kids with me. Fellow nihilisti wrote small piece about this: Link to
In your opinion, what has the aim of become within the couple of years? Is it the same it was meant to be in the first place? How have the main topics coming from writers changed? I had great plans for about how it should be in other countries and languages too. But this fight with Estonian State has drained me lot of energy, time and I'm not even mentioning huge legal fees. So I can't really plan anything because there is big chance that I'll go to jail soon.
Don't you think that it will raise your profile as a writer if you spend some months in jail for something that you have written? Sure it will. but still i'd change places with you anytime, that you will get higher profile and jail time and I'll get freedom.
Truth is, even in times of Stalin no writer was persecuted because of the book. This is something new and everybody is actually confused.
Ma aasta tagasi su viimase AMA ajal küsisin, et mis on su lemmik ropp sõna. On vahepeal muutunud? On sul mingi kindel koht, kus sulle kirjutada meeldib? Mis sa arvad, kas ütlus "mida rohkem sul pohhui on, seda kaugemale sa jõuad", peab paika? Mis muusika, peale räpi, sulle veel meeldib? Kes on sinu arust läbi aegade kõige-kõigem välismaine räppar? Haha! still me, still saadan puci. mulle meeldib kirjutada hotellides, haigelt meeldib, ma armastan hotelle. Lobby, tuba, kõike. Peale räpi meeldib mulle Pet Shop Boys, neil on laul ka tegelt nii ebameloodiline, et ka peaaegu nagu räpp. Ja välismaine räppar, ma armastan: Rakim, Tupac, Ice Cube, Game, 50Cent, Kendrick aga kõige rohkem kuulan Eminemi.
How did you end up so fascinated by these situations? Is it just that you wanted to make your country better? I don't really care about countries, but I do care about people. I've seen quite a lot young people to die. And I got three sons, growing up on the same streets in Tallinn where fentanyl reigns supreme.
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