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You must have wished on it Because I saw them riding on a Blackstar They'd rather chew than spit And they're full of piss and vinegar There's no way to persuade them to give up their crusade They've come to grant the wish you should have never made Sing Hallelujah because you can't change anything They'll let you try To reverse everything Don't waste your time Sing Hallelujah because you can't ... Celldweller:Blackstar Lyrics. Edit. History Talk (0) Share. Blackstar. This song is by Celldweller and appears on the album Wish Upon A Blackstar (2012). (Black-black-black-black-Blackstar) Blackstar You must have wished on it Because I saw them riding in on a Blackstar They'd rather chew than spit ... CELLDWELLER Blackstar Lyrics (Blackstar) You must have wished on it Because I saw them riding in on a Blackstar They'd rather chew than spit And they're full of piss and vinegar There's no way to persuade them to give up their crusade They've come to grant the wish you should have never Celldweller - Blackstar Lyrics. You must have wished on it Because i saw them riding on a Blackstar They'd rather chew than spit And they're full of piss and vinegar There. Lyrics. Popular Song Lyrics. Billboard Hot 100. Upcoming Lyrics. Recently Added. Top Lyrics of 2011. Top Lyrics of 2010. Blackstar Blackstar You must have wished on it Because I saw them riding in on a Blackstar They'd rather chew than spit And they're full of piss and vinegar There's no way to persuade, them to give up their crusade They've come to grant the wish, you should have never made Sing Hallelujah because you can't change anything They'll let you try Celldweller Blackstar Lyrics. Blackstar lyrics performed by Celldweller: You must have wished on it Because i saw them riding on a Blackstar They'd rather chew than spit And they're full of piss and vinegar Celldweller - Blackstar lyrics . Blackstar by Celldweller. Blackstar. Blackstar. You must have wished on it. Because I saw them riding in a Blackstar. They'd rather chew than spit. And they're full of piss and vinegar. There's no way to persuade them to give up their crusade.

19 [M4F] Texas/USA - A man of the stars and other worlds seeks companionship. It's lonely out here.

2020.03.24 17:21 IrisCelestialis 19 [M4F] Texas/USA - A man of the stars and other worlds seeks companionship. It's lonely out here.

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Hi! I'm Alexander, but most call me Alex or Alek...or any of the other nicknames I have that aren't based on my name, the principal example being spaceman!
And indeed, they call me that for a reason. For legitimately the majority of my life so far, I have been fascinated by outer space. My parents encouraged learning, but not in the "Do your homework!" kind of way (Well, they did that too) but in the fueling curiosity kind of way. They didn't choose the direction for me, they just helped me down the path that I chose. And the twisting and turning, splitting and branching path of learning that I chose to explore was centered around pretty much anything outside of this Earth, and when I did want to learn about this Earth, I've always treated it in my mind more as a planet then the place that we live like pretty much everyone else (understandably) does. So one of my offshoot interests is geology, because the structure of our planet is the one that we know best, as are chemistry and quantum physics, because, well, everything's made up of stuff that interacts in certain ways, both here and in space!
Anyway, as I'm sure you can guess, I'm into sci-fi. All kinds, really, and this post is already going to be a wall of text so I don't need to make it worse by going into all of the things I like, haha. If you're curious about my interests in any particular medium, though, let me know and I'll tell you! But just for an example, the most popular thing I'm into is probably Star Trek.
Music is a pretty big part of my life too, and space has even made it's way into that interest as well, as I listen to music with themes of science and technology with some stories of love and loss mixed in. The bands that I listen to most are Starset and Soul Extract (both are cinematic rock) but I also listen to albums consisting of everything from Circle of Dust's "Machines of Our Disgrace" to Broken Iris' "The Eyes of Tomorrow" to Scandroid's "Monochrome" to Hollywood Burns' "Invaders" to Hexenkraft's "The Infernal Schism" to Celldweller's "Wish Upon a Blackstar". And more...but again, you didn't come here to read a novel! I'm also a musician myself, and I go by the name Iris Celestialis (hence my username). I do scifi-soundtracky-sounding (usually) instrumental tracks.
But back to that comment about you not coming here to read a novel...well, if you DO want to read a novel from me, there may be one on the way! I've certainly got enough consecutive story ideas to make at least a trilogy. I am...a writer! And what a surprise, a science fiction writer at that! I write poetry (which I would love to use as lyrics if I could write matching songs haha) short stories, and I've attempted a novel...didn't go too fantastically, but that's because I didn't plan very well.
Being able to kind of comes with being a scifi writer, but I love to worldbuild even just for it's own sake. I guess if you're interested enough in the wonders of our universe, you sometimes want to make one of your own. And that is what I'm doing! And I could always use some help brainstorming or figuring things out!
I'm an artist too! This doesn't really match the consumption/production balance I have with other things, as I don't look at art much, but I do love to make it! I do landscaspes, spacescapes, spaceships, maps, that kind of thing.
As for a more normal thing about me, I play video games, however as I'm sure you can guess...they're all set in space. With the exception of Minecraft. Because who hasn't played Minecraft, honestly? I don't really think it counts as a game per se yet, but I love flying around in SpaceEngine and getting amazing screenshots, like a space photographer or something. Games with spaceship builders are a Y E S from me! I pretty much only play 3D games, I didn't grow up playing 2D or 2.5D games like many did (I grew up with my face pressed in a book, listening to music) so they just feel a bit weird to play for me.
I also love to listen to stuff while I play games, and what I listen to is usually YouTube videos on science topics, creepypasta narration videos, or SCP videos. SCP is becoming a lot more popular these days, honestly, and I'm glad to see it. I've even been thinking of writing up some of my own recently, even a 001 proposal...not sure about that one yet though! Probably is really hard to not have a 001 proposal be shot down the second you tell your idea, considering 001 is a big deal.
I don't might or might not be wondering, but no, I haven't set rules for myself along the lines of "everything I'm involved with has to be otherworldy" or anything like that, this stuff is just a result of my interests and what I think is most interesting.
It's worth noting that my vision is very bad due to a couple eye conditions I have, the primary one that effects things being aniridia, the other is nystagmus, which I can control. The former is what it's called when you don't have an iris (the colored part of the eye that closes in to block off light when your field of vision is too bright), and so daytime is extremely bright for me, I have a wider field of view than normal which makes everything look smaller (and my eyes can't focus to "zoom in" like other people's can so I'm stuck at max FOV all the time) and the last major thing about it, which is actually not a bad thing, is that I have great night vision that I acquire basically instantly. Normally your eyes have to adjust for low light by opening the iris, but since I don't have one it's always all the way open, meaning I'm always on night vision mode...which is why daytime is so painfully bright. Don't call me a vampire, I just don't favor having to squint my eyes out if my sunglasses get knocked off! Nystagmus is where you eyes involuntarily "bounce" rapidly up and down or side to side. I have pretty much learned to control it enough that it doesn't happen, and I used to be able to make it happen at will, I've gotten worse at that over time though. About the only use for that is freaking people out though, so I guess its fine. I can't drive yet because of this, and I have a hard time reading small text and recognizing faces from far away. My band/artist/writeetc name Iris Celestialis is based on this. I have no iris and thus my vision is perfectly suited to gaze into the heavens on a cool, clear night and take it all in.
In recent times I've felt extraordinarily lonely. Not just with recent virus-y events, quarantining and social distancing, but before that too, and this is only making it worse. Humans are social creatures, and I have very few online friends (who I rarely get to talk to) and with the quarantining I can't see the few real life friends I have either.
I think whoever's writing my character had far too many notes on what to add! I've got a lot of character traits and a heck of a backstory. I'm a lot more than what's in this post, but this has been what I feel is probably important and/or interesting.
I've had companions before, but whoever's writing my story, they're trying way too hard to make it dramatic because I've lost all of them in one way or another. Maybe you could be the one to last?
I've talked about myself a lot, but I haven't really talked about what I'd want in a companion, and that's because it's somewhat nebulous. I'd really just prefer someone around my age. I have other preferences too, but those are preferences, not rules. I guess the idea is to give people an idea of who I am, see who's interested and if I'm interested back we can go from there? Maybe not the best way of explaining it but it's something. And while this is a dating sub, and I would be extremely happy to find someone to love, I'm cool with friends of different sorts too. Worldbuilding pals, co-op gaming buddies, writers to bounce ideas around, fellow people displaced in space and/or time...
Anyway, this post has been one giant mess that will probably send anyone but the most intrigued running and screaming (if people read it at all..) but I figure I might as well let people know I'm here, and maybe someone will find this, have similar enough interests to warrant some, well, interest, and say hi. And if you're still here, I probably got your attention somewhere along the line, so maybe do say hi? I've got a decent few social medias, so wherever you ultimately want to talk is cool, I'd prefer Discord over a lot of other stuff though.
I'll see you all somewhere along the wings of the infinite cosmos.
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2019.04.09 04:31 twinfyre Has anyone looked into the meaning of his song lyrics?

It seems like there isn't a lot of lyrical analysis for Celldweller's stuff on the internet. I'm trying to dig into End of an Empire right now and I'm not finding a lot about it beyond interviews. his first album had a pretty consistent theme of isolation, and I know Wish Upon a Blackstar is about a sort of "cosmic monkey's paw" but what's End of an empire?
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2016.06.18 00:15 HotBrass [TOMT][SONG] A song with the lyric "wish upon a dark star"

Also seem to remember "know who we are" in there at some point.
It is not celldweller's "blackstar".
I'm wracking my brains trying to figure it out, googling the lyrics I can remember has revealed nothing.
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2012.12.05 16:31 tabledresser [Table] IAmA Celldweller. Full-time Musician, Producer & Performer and part-time Zombie Slaying Time Traveler. AMA.

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Date: 2012-11-29
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Questions Answers
Buy the Space & Time EP! I'm on it as well. Also hey dude! Why didnt you tell me you were a Zombie Slaying Time Traveler?? You are indeed on the upcoming "Space & Time" EP! The reason i didn't tell you I was a time traveler when we spoke was because i was in the future doing promo for my new movie "Rampart 12 - Revenge of the Woodster" (just fyi, it beat out Avatar 17 for top grossing film of all time.)
Off all the songs you have made, what is your favorite? I haven't written it yet, but i'll def let you know when i do. (PS, you may have to wait another 20-30 years. Just sayin')
Who takes care of Stutter the Studio Cat while you are touring? Nobody. I put in my freezer and thaw him back out when i get home. Cryogenics FTW.
How do you feel about internet piracy, specifically people pirating your music? I don't really feel anything. People are gonna do what they're gonna do. Piracy does hurt some artists and labels, but my music being spread across the web for so many years is why i have the fanbase that i do. I'm not Lars Ulrich or Time Warner so i never go on rants about piracy, but it's discouraging when you work on an album for 7 years and some little punk hacks your servers and leaks the album 2 weeks early. Definitely a drag but i let it roll off my shoulders and move onto the next thing. Can't cry over spilled milk.
Your tracks are very complex pieces. Can you describe your creative process, from the theme or idea of a new song to it's inclusion on one of your albums? How much refinement does a single track generally undergo before completion? 1 No real way to describe it. It must be similar to painting - you paint a rough outline and then continue to add and subtract until it starts looking like something. I'm a great editor - i fake all the rest of it.
Are there any specific artists you'd like to collaborate with, if it were possible? Would you ever consider collaborating outside your musical genre? 2 Specific artsists.. hmmm. Deaf Center, Emily Haines, Robert Smith & Martin Gore. I would love to collaborate outside my genre but i didn't even know i belonged to a genre. See, i learn something new every day.!
Love your music, especially while gaming. How did you become a multi-instrumentalist? oh and also what are your thoughts on Blue Stahili? Thank you. I wanted to make songs. The only way i could was teach myself enough instruments so that i could. I have many thoughts on Blue Stahli. Almost all of them are good. >:)
The first album was my favorite stylistically. Do you think you will be doing anything in that style in the future or will most new stuff be more like Blackstar? 1 I do what i do. I don't hear a difference between any music i make - it's all a part of me so it's all the same.
Also, What prompted your Groupees involvement? Did you get to choose the charity? If so, why did you pick the one you picked? 2 I've been doing fundraisers with Groupees for awhile. i did choose the charity and i specifically wanted an organization that helped kids. As adults we need help too, but kids have a huge disadvantage bc they generally still need to rely on bigger support systems and guidance and many kids do not have that luxury. If i could at all influence even one child's life to be able do something good when they reach adulthood, then it's all been worthwhile to me.
Alright just to get this over with: What would you rather fight, a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? That's a tough Reddit question right there and it's clearly obvious to me. I'd rather not fight either, but wrangle the Horse sized duck and try to ride it. PLUS a horse sized duck has huge poop so it's way easier to avoid stepping in it. Can you imagine the mess 100 duck size horses would make? I shudder to think...
What is something that is completely earth shattering that we do not know about you? 1 I was studying to be a doctor before i got my first record deal 2 I change my underwear EVERY single day. (I'm not even joking.) 3 i pooped my pants in camp when i was 7.
As someone who is hugely influenced by you, what is the process you go through when writing songs? Do you start with a melody and build off of that, start with a drumbeat... chords... ect? No formula. Sometimes a beat. Sometimes a guitar riff. Sometimes a synth sound. Sometimes a vocal melody or lyric. The trick is putting it all together and having it sound like i know what i'm doing. Still figuring that part out.
Got any collaborations planned? If so, who with? Many being discussed. Until they actually happen, i'd rather keep my excitement and dignity in check. I'll let you know as things unfold.
You land a lot of tracks in video games and movie trailers, but you've never done a complete film or video game score. Why not? 1 working on one right now.
Are there are any artists you'd love to work with (or remix) but haven't yet? 2 Yes.
Can we expect more Rock Band tracks if Unshakeable sells well? 3 Hell Yes.
Can you send me an autographed poster for Christmas? 4 Maybe.
What factors decide on which countries you visit on your tour? Especially, I have the last Europe tour in my mind. ;) When you create your music, do you use any instruments from DAWs, or record everything "live" and just mix it all using software? I don't control any factors in regards to where i tour. My only input is whether or not i want to take the gig & to date i'm not sure i've said "No" to many gigs. The reason i just played Russia & Eastern Europe is bc fans were driving club owners and promoters crazy with requests for Celldweller. You guys can do the same and eventually someone will listen and contact FiXT with an offer.
I use Pro Tools but that's only bc i know it so well. I wouldn't say it's my favorite. Each DAW has it's benefits - it's just finding the one that works for you.
How do you think dub step has changed the style or electronic music, do you think its a style that will leave a impact the genre? Not sure how it's changed electronic music but it's certainly been the vehicle to bring EDM into the forefront, especially here in the US. I think like anything else, it will burn itself out because everybody is doing the same thing. Eventually the masses will grow tired of it. I think the guy from Poison might have insight into that concept. Wait, is he still alive?
Whats a constant muse for you? and how does it feel to hear you're a muse, inspiration, to others?. (you've been fuel foe my art for ages now my friend). I have no specific muse. It's more about Art, movies, music and selecting the input i want in my life. That is what pours back out of me when i create.
It's a bit weird to hear i influence anyone at all. I'm still that little kid from New York getting his ass kicked on the playground, so i am fortunate people dig what i do.
Whats the best way to release your hate? Umm, Flatulate? No... Fornicate?? Nope, not that either. Ok, i give up, HOW?!?!?
Would you consider getting a 3D model made of you? Quite a few people, including myself, could use that model in games and 3d renderings. You might be suprised to find someone uses the model to make a CellDweller vs The World video game. Someone get on it!
What is your favourite piece of studio equipment/instrument/controller you use? PS: Your music has bridged the gap between and my friend's musical tastes, we always end up listening to you when we hang out. It's like asking "What's your favorite cookie" - it's an impossible question to answer!! Big fan of all my Moog gear, and i'm currently blasting my Voyager through my Culture Vulture, which is another piece i may or may not have tried to physically make love to.
What are your plans for the future? Are you gonna travelling around the world playing your music or are you gonna sit in your studio and make new music? Both!
I'm really looking forward to the release of Unshakeable for RB. Any plans to try to get another one on the setlist? 1 Me too. If this one goes well i will add a bunch more. It'll be determined by interest.
, have you ever had the urge to go back and add lyrics to some of your Soundtrack for the Voices in my Head tracks? If so, which ones (and would you ever consider doing it)? 2 Not really. Usually when i'm done with a track i never want to hear it again and move on to something new. That's bc i spent years re-doing my own songs and realized how dumb of an idea that was.
You seem like a perfectionist when it comes to music. Sometimes there's elements of songs that I won't notice until I listen to it a few times. When do you decide that a song is done? When someone from management takes it away from me.
Hey Klayton, been a fan of your music for awhile now and I have a very obscure question about your recent albums! There is a girl featured on the cover of Wish Upon A Blackstar as well as Soundtrack Pt.2. I'm not sure if her name is implied to be Elara, but I just wanted to know who this lady is? Does she play an important role in Wish Upon A Blackstar in any way? Thanks for reading! She does represent Elara. I have a whole story of who she is, why she's there and how she relates to the Blackstars but it's too much to type out here AND i'm not ready to reveal those deets yet. The Good news is there Might be a short story series in the works based around the "Wish Upon a Blackstar" concepts.I won't officially go on record with committing to that yet, but yeah it's definitely happening. (see what i did there?)
What are you spending all your €€€ and (dollars) on? Gear Gear & more gear. I have a Pittsburgh Modular Foundation & OTO Biscuit in transit to my studio right now. I have a husband-bulge. (If you're not sure what that is, ask Joss Whedon.)
Your music seemed to just fall in my lap at the right time as this year has been a hard one. I lost my dad earlier this year as well as some fallouts with friends who honestly I am better off without now..Not only has your music, instrumental and lyrical, been a huge inspiration to my artwork, it also has helped me push through a ton of deep rooted emotions that you seem to tap into so well. My question being, where do you look to for strength and inspiration when you are having a rough patch in life? Friends, Family and God Himself.
Will you ever play another dragon Con? That was one of the best concerts i have every been to with you and Blue Stahli. Hands down you guys were the most gracious, down to earth people ever. Thanks for making awesome music and treating your fans like people :) My fans ARE people, the same as me. Rockstars who treat their fans like crap are just dickheads. It's gonna suck for them when they finally fall off their pedastal and realize nobody gives a shit about them bc they didn't give a shit about anyone else. That being said, you treat me like shit & you're gonna get it right back. Let's just all be friends. <3.
Any chance of an Argyle Park 3? Slim to none.
Hello and good evening Klay! Are you going to release more songs from your Demo Vault? Oh, and is the zombie slaying time traveling thing more profitable than the music industry? And one more thing, how many times a week do you work out? :D. Hi! If i keep doing Groupees charities you guys will eventually have all the hundreds of demos i have sitting around :)
Zombie slaying isn't massively profitable bc there are so many other people like Woody Harrelson already doing it. Time travel could be profitable but i keep forgetting to check the horse races & lottery so i haven't really cashed in on it yet.
I try to work out at least 2 or 3 times a year. that works out to like .0004 times a week or something. I hate math.
off, I love your music and listen to it a lot while working on graphics. I'm always looking for new groups to listen to that have the same industrial dub that you have (Already listen to a lot of the FiXT crew :D ). What are some of your favorite groups and why? I know just recently you put up "Beyond Jaded" from At Dawn We Rage and it was fantastic due to the simplicity of the chords and delicacy of the supporting notes. Also, just curious, what inspired you to write "Gift for You?" Was there a specific "someone" in mind? Thank you - Yeah i dig At Dawn We Rage. Gift for You may or may not have been inspired by someone specific. Doesn't really matter as long as the current lyrics hold meaning for you!
Wish Upon A Blackstar is the best album of 2012! Keep on trucking! produce great dubstep - but are you planning on making more awesome metal inspired stuff like Stay With Me (Unlikely)? I have always loved both versions of that track on your self-titled album! Thank you! I love so many styles of music that i don't think in terms of "dubstep" or "metal" so it's very likely you will hear a mix of all of this and more from me.
What made you decide to move from NY to Detroit? I have no idea. I blame it on a momentary bout of insanity.
Will there be another celldweller fixt-tape? Never know...
Do you have girlfriend? I have many friends, some of them are girls. Wait, revised: I have a couple of friends, some of them are girls.
What are the chances of getting some official Circle Of Dust remasters? I grew up loving those records. Thanks for the decade+ of awesome tunes! Slim to none.
Hey klayton... Thx for all of the great music over years, and even though I'm still new to Your music i wonder if you planing to release any documentary video of your past, present and future work, as well as clips from tours, behind the scene and just an everyday studio time??? THX. Ya know i have TONS of video footage but you know what my problem is? I need a video editor!! Find me a cinematographer and video editor to come be in Detroit for awhile and you guys will get weekly blogs and lots of older stuff that i will most certainly regret releasing to the public.
Shapeshifter is probably my favorite celldweller song of all time (although I'm a big fan of all your work). Would you do another song with Styles of Beyond given the chance? I would indeed.
What are your personal music tastes/bands you love? Tastes vary but i'm mostly motivated by Electronic music. Not "EDM" per se, but electronic based stuff. Sound design always gives me wood and there aren't many rock bands that venture outside of just typical sounds of guitar, drums & bass.
I've bugged you a few times on Twitter about this but what's the chance of an Irish gig? It would complete my life. Thanks for all of your great music, you have no idea how much I listen to it. It's so unique and wonderful! Hello Irish folk! Like Russia, if you just start pestering clubs and promoters eventually someone will listen. This is how and why i have started touring in Russia and Eastern Europe. Make your voice heard!
Will you be releasing beta cessions and commentaries for the songs that were included on chapter 5 of Wish Upon A Blackstar? I really loved hearing your thoughts over your demos and I still listen to them whenever I need cheering up! I've debated it but the truth is it's probably in yours and my best interest for me to spend the copious amount of time that would take to focus on making brand new music instead.
Klayton , how is it to be so awesome?Does it come at any cost? I have no idea what you're talking about. You may want to hit up Kevin Smith, bc he is genuinely pretty awesome. When you find out from him how much it costs, someone please let me know so i can start saving up!
What do you find yourself enjoying more? Remixing, DJ'ing or making your own original music? My own original tracks, by far.
1) What are you currently working on as far as Klash-ups go? 2) What would you say is your favorite smell? I don't have one in the works atm, but i DO have the next one in mind. I won't tell you who it is, but Phil is definitely screaming "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!" Take a wild guess.
Are you not just absolutely stoked for Pacific Rim? Robots and Giant Monsters ftw right? ;) I am SUPER STOKED for Pacific Rim. 2 of my most favorite things kicking each other's asses. What's not to love?
What is the weirdest thing to happen to you on tour? Waking up in the middle of a show. Wait, i don't think that ever happened.
This has always bugged me, what is your connection to Bret of Blue Stahli? PS I love your music and Blue Stahli's awesome too :) keep it up! Wow, that information is available all over the web so i'm surprised you let it bug you for so long. Bret is Blue Stahli, an artist signed to my company FiXT. Oh & we're siamese twins so we're kinda connected that way too.
Tour Question: The Pacific Northwest has been missing you, any chance of a future Seattle and/or Vancouver date? Any way we can help make this happen? Hit up promoters and clubs in your areas and tell 'em you want me. Worked for Russia, could work for Seattle & Vancouver.
Hey! Do you actually have any plans for Shows in Germany? Or would you like to perform in germany anytime soon? I don't have any shows lined up in Germany but it is DEFINITELY on wish list of places to play next!
What is your funniest memory? Pooping my pants in camp when i was 7 ( i mentioned in another answer ) I guess it really wasn't funny for me, but it was for everyone else.
Another funny moment was one of my brothers playing the role of "Edward Scissor-Penis" on New Years Eve. Good times.
Just to move away from the general "when are you coming to a show near me" and "what inspires you" Fav TV show atm = BREAKINGBADDEXTERBATTLESTARGALACTICA. I love that show.
Favorite... TV show? Food? Fav food?? ITALIAN? (that's a 'food' right?)
, I just want to say that in the past I've never had an artist that I liked EVERY song from, but you are that guy. No pressure. Uh, crap i hope i can keep my spotless record going for another 20-30 years for you. :D.
How much are you involved in the mastering process? There isn't really anything like your music out there, so do you have any specific points engineers need to consider when working on your stuff? Half of my stuff i master myself. I'd really rather not but it's hard to tell someone else how to do it the right way. I'm still trying new mastering houses out as I type.
How come you are only going to be doing a DJ set in the UK next year? Was kinda gutted when I found that out - Been a huge fan for a long time and have bought pretty much all of your music, would be incredible to see you playing some of that stuff live with Bret someday. Well i've only made my DJ sets available for shows BUT i just did a revised "Live DJ" show in Russia and i am considering bringing that to the UK in March. You guys tell me: Would you rather see me just do a DJ set or a mix of DJ set and Live Performance??
Will there be a CD version of Space and Time, or just MP3? As of now Digital only, but i generally wait until i have enough content collected to make a physical disc, then put one out if you guys want 'em. So most likely there will be a "Cellout Vol 02" or something in the future.
Also, shot in the dark but how old really are you? There's a whole load of mystery surrounding it haha. What do you mean? I was never born.
Hey Klayton, good to see you here. After your overwhelming concert in Kiev, I asked you if you had any plans on touring Europe, specifically France. Sooo...any new info for us? You've been my favourite artist ever since I first heard you back in 2007. Big Love from your fans in Kiev! Tell your promoters and clubs in France you want Celldweller. They'll listen eventually.
What is your favourite rock band of all times?) Wow, that's a tough question. Trouble.
I know some time ago on twitter, you had mentioned doing a collab with FIGURE. What ever happened with that? Cause considering your respective styles, I'm sure some amazing stuff would come out. Also wish someone here in New Orleans would wise up and book you. Figure and i have definitely discussed a collab - it's more about both of our schedule's lining up. Stay tuned.
Hi Klay! First of all: the album Wish Upon a Blackstar is amazing. I just can't stop listening it, and I'm looking forward for your future tracks. And here is my question: what do you do, when laziness hits you, although you want to produce tracks? Keep up the good work! Laziness?? Hahahahahahahahahaha... I wish.
Not really a question, but I love your music. Wish Upon a Blackstar was the best album I have heard this year. Keep it up :) I certainly will. Thx!
Describe your ideal girl) I definitely prefer that she be female. That's a great place to start.
I just wanted to say I love your music and have been a fan for years. I also dig the new "dubsteppy" stuff, like Klayton's 2012 mixes of Goodbye and Eon. Keep it up and tour more. Chicago need you. I need Chicago. Especially the deep dish pizza part.
What shaped you from guitarist of Criss Angel's band to... Industrial metal artist for songs like Switchback and Tragedy... To, I don't know what to categorize you now, with the Black Star Series and the upcoming EP? I was never a guitarist in Criss Angel's band. I make music, so what comes out, comes out.
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Celldweller - Blackstar Lyrics

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Eon by Celldweller from Chapter 2 of Wish Upon a Blackstar. Buy it here: Eon lyrics: I'm pacing inside this empty roo... Purchase/Stream 'Wish Upon A Blackstar': Wish Upon A Blackstar, one of the most anticipated albums of the year, is a masterwork by a ... copyright: i dont not claim to own or have made anything of the music and all rights go to celldweller Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 3rd track from Wish Upon A Blackstar, Enjoy! 50+ videos Play all Mix - Celldweller - Blackstar (Lyric Video) YouTube Celldweller Wish Upon A Blackstar FULL ALBUM HD - Duration: 1:14:45. jens .u 154,393 views 'So Long Sentiment Vs. Eon' From the Upcoming full-length Live Blu-Ray/DVD Release 'Live Upon A Blackstar' Featuring professional footage taken in the US, Ru... 50+ videos Play all Mix - It Makes No Difference Who We Are - Celldweller (lyrics included) HD YouTube Celldweller - Wish Upon A Blackstar (Full Album) [HD] - Duration: 1:14:45. Tera Kretonia ... Song - Birthright Album - Wish Upon a Backstar Artist - Celldweller - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...