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SHIMMER for Beginners (a primer ahead of the Nov. 2-3 tapings of volumes 114-117)

2019.10.26 18:16 SaintRidley SHIMMER for Beginners (a primer ahead of the Nov. 2-3 tapings of volumes 114-117)

What is SHIMMER?

SHIMMER Women Athletes is an all-female wrestling company based out of Chicago. Before WWE’s women’s revolution, before TNA’s Knockouts division, before Women of Honor, there was SHIMMER. SHIMMER was founded in 2005 by Dave Prazak and Allison Danger because, as a manager in ROH and on the indies, Prazak got to know a lot of women in wrestling who felt underutilized and marginalized to being managers or valets because quite often they were the only women on the card. With Danger and a group of other women, Prazak put on the first SHIMMER shows, and the project snowballed from there. As Allison Danger said in a promo after Volume 1, they proved that American joshi was possible.

What is SHIMMER Wrestling like?

SHIMMER is stylistically diverse. They have WWE “main event” style matches, lucha, joshi, Britwres, ROH pure style, comedy, and more. Most matches are 8-20 minutes long. Singles, tag team, triple threat, and four-corner matches are their most common formats, and they rarely do stipulation matches. When they do, they build them as a big deal with storyline build. Most volumes tend to run 2-3 hours (more toward 3 hours on more recent volumes) and feature 10-12 matches. SHIMMER is fairly workrate focused, and very much in the vein of early ROH. There is comedy to be found, but it’s rare to have a comedy match as such, and even those are done with care for the match as a whole.
Because of SHIMMER’s taping schedule (four volumes over two days, twice annually, with a Wrestlemania weekend show as well), most stories tend to cluster around four-volume sets because of talent availability. This isn’t to say longer-form storytelling doesn’t happen in SHIMMER. The story of Trifecta (Mercedes Martinez, Nicole Savoy, and Shayna Baszler), for example, began at Volume 85 in June 2016, saw the trio break up over volumes 96-97 and Nicole Savoy win the SHIMMER Title from Mercedes on volume 99 in November 2017, and wasn’t put to rest until Volume 100 in April 2018 (Mercedes has continued to have a bone to pick with Savoy, but the breakup of Trifecta has given way to a broader “all the veterans against the young champion and the other new blood” kind of story since Volume 101).
One thing you’ll never see in SHIMMER is a vacant title. Dave Prazak has made it abundantly clear in interviews that SHIMMER will never vacate a title – they will always find a way to work around the circumstances of an injury or signing (One example: Sara Del Rey was SHIMMER Tag champion at the time she got signed to WWE, so SHIMMER authorized a title change at an NCW Femmes Fatales show to get the title off her. Nicole Savoy and Cherry Bomb have been injured as champions, and in both cases they were able to heal before dropping the titles). Currently the Heart of SHIMMER champion Samantha Heights is out with injury, and due to her surgery being pushed back, SHIMMER will crown its first interim champion during the tapings of volumes 114-117.

What are the rules for SHIMMER matches?

How often do SHIMMER shows run?

SHIMMER runs two taping weekends, one in the spring and one in the fall, taping two shows a day over the weekend. On Wrestlemania weekend they tape another volume, and this year SHIMMER also cooperated with RISE, SMASH, and Femmes Fatales to put on The Summit the day before Summerslam.

Who wrestles for SHIMMER?

SHIMMER features a mix of US and international talent. The international talent comes from the UK, Mexico, Japan, and Europe. Big non-US names such as Aja Kong, Kana, Nikki Storm, Brittani and Saraya Knight, Sexy Star (as Dulce Garcia), Wesna, Ayako Hamada, Kay Lee Ray, Viper, and more have appeared for SHIMMER. Several current WWE talents (Cesaro, Becky Lynch, Bayley, the IIconics, Nikki Cross, Asuka, Ember Moon, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Mickie James, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Shayna Baszler, Mia Yim, Candice LeRae, Chelsea Green, Dakota Kai, Deonna Purrazzo, Tegan Nox, Jinny, Toni Storm, Rachael Ellering, Piper Niven, and Kay Lee Ray) have worked for SHIMMER. Of the 32 women in each Mae Young Classic, 17 from 2017’s tournament and 12 from 2018’s tournament have been inside a SHIMMER ring.
A breakdown of the SHIMMER roster:
I’m basing this largely on the last tapings. SHIMMER roster turnover means there’s a bit of churn due to wrestler availability, but some names have become pretty constant. Due to some wrestlers being signed by WWE since the last tapings (like Kay Lee Ray, Viper, and Rachael Ellering) or injured (Vanessa Kraven), I may be speculating in some of the below because of the major holes put in the upper card and serious midcard
The Current Upper Card: These are the women currently hanging around the title picture/most likely to be matched up with visiting legends:
The Serious Midcard: These are regulars who win more than they lose, but aren’t in the main event as often as the bunch listed above.
The Comedy Midcard: What it says on the tin; these are midcarders with primarily comedic gimmicks, though that doesn’t mean they aren’t serious threats.
The Lower Midcard: They lose more than they win, but they’re generally treated as credible.
Foreign Stars: Around a little less than the rest of the roster, these women are nonetheless treated as main-event caliber threats and often headline the shows they’re on.
Other people who matter: Significant people not covered above.

Does NXT UK stuff apply here?

While SHIMMER isn’t in the UK, they do like to bring over British talents, and so they have been hit a bit with the NXT UK contracts preventing wrestlers from doing appearances. This isn’t as big an issue to SHIMMER as it might be for us; Toni Storm, Viper, Kay Lee Ray, and Jinny are confirmed as no longer available to work SHIMMER because of this, but Prazak just sees this as opening up slots for hungry new talent to step in and prove themselves. Considering Dave Prazak was behind the curtain consulting during the first Mae Young Classic, there’s at least a friendly-ish relationship between WWE and SHIMMER, so who knows. Only WWE and SHIMMER know the score, so we just have to trust they know what they’re doing.

Who are the current SHIMMER Champions?

Are there any annual tournaments or special events?

Not annually, but SHIMMER occasionally puts together a special match such as their SHIMMvivor series match from Volume 50, the ChickFight Tournament from volume 71, and the the Rumble-style battle royal from volume 19. Their annual Wrestlemania weekend shows don’t always feature such matches, but Volume 53’s steel cage match was the first in SHIMMER history and only possible because they can’t fit a cage in the Eagles Club.

Are there SHIMMER power rankings?

Not officially, but if you need some, these are based on my read of recent tapings plus Saraya:
That doesn't cover everyone, but it gives you a general idea. These tiers are not rigid, and a given worker can generally lose to anyone one tier below them or conceivably beat anyone one tier above them.

How can I watch SHIMMER?

If you want select matches only, and the ability to download them, SHIMMER offers matches on Clickwrestle. They also have DVDs for the physical-media collectors, and their streaming site StreamShimmer. It costs $9.99 a month. For that you get every SHIMMER show from volume 1 to vol. 79 (they’re currently catching up to the physical releases).
There will be no streaming of 114-117, unfortunately.

I'm new to SHIMMER, where should I start?

Option one is to start at the beginning. There’s a bit of a regrettable gap, currently, between where the DVDs/StreamSHIMMER are at, and current shows. Unfortunately, the company is dealing with the death of their physical media sales and attempting to adapt to building their business off their streaming site. In April they put up pre-orders for volumes 82-83, but there simply have not been enough pre-orders for physical releases to justify the cost of making the DVDs, and there’s no point sinking money into producing physical media if you won’t even profit off it, so there’s debate on just pushing through with the release or issuing refunds. Either way, it seems as if physical media may be dead for SHIMMER. It’s a tough period for SHIMMER as a business.
Also, because I’m mostly ripping of Xalazi’s format and they did this for Stardom:

10 SHIMMER matches(available on StreamSHIMMER or SHIMMER’s youtube, where they have a few matches up)

These aren’t necessarily the best 10 matches, as I prioritized diversity of workers and styles over sheer snowflake count, but should give you a good idea of both the roster SHIMMER sports and the variety it offers. That said, some of these may spoil long-run storylines so if you’re planning to start at a point before any of them, use your own discretion when deciding what’s safe to skip to. In no particular order:

How can I find out what's coming up?

Following SHIMMER on Twitter or Facebook is your best bet.

I don’t want play catch-up, what are the big storylines right now?

Heading into volumes 114-117, as usual I’d say the title pictures are the three most important things happening, and they’re all a bit open-ended:

I have other questions!

Well I might have other answers. I’m not all-knowing, though, and with the gap in what’s available, I can’t answer anything that really covers between 82-99 in any kind of detail. You might try contacting SHIMMER directly if it’s a question they’re better suited to answering.

You got something wrong/left someone out!

Ok, tell me about it. Happy to update/I could honestly use the help.

Bottom line me: Why should I watch SHIMMER?

If you want to see the most consistently high quality and best women’s wrestling happening in the United States, SHIMMER’s the place to go. A lot of women in SHIMMER have gone on to work in WWE, Impact, ROH, or AEW, but their best work stateside has very often been in SHIMMER. There simply isn’t a better body of quality American women’s wrestling out there.
One of the best qualities of SHIMMER is its respect for its titles. The championships are the biggest thing in the promotion, and there has never been a vacancy for any of them. In an interview on Madusa’s podcast, Dave Prazak said SHIMMER will never vacate a title – he feels that it cheapens the championship to do that. They will always find a way to work around injury or a signing to avoid putting a vacancy in the title history (as they did when Sara Del Rey signed as a trainer with WWE and they scheduled a quick title drop in Canada on an NCW Femmes Fatales show), no matter the situation. The Samantha Heights situation is the first time SHIMMER will do an interim champion situation.
If you want 40+ minute epics, SHIMMER’s not really the place for you. Their sweet spot is 10-15 minutes of excellently paced, hard-hitting wrestling. That’s not to say they don’t have long matches, but they are comparatively fewer.
As for downsides, SHIMMER can be very slow to adapt. It took until 2018 for them to put together a streaming site, and while the site works well enough, it’s rather limited in its capabilities. It’s also still not caught up to physical media after a year, and didn’t have far to go when it debuted. If you attend SHIMMER in person, be prepared for a very long day. Two tapings in one day, with each being about 3-3.5 hours, is quite a bit to sit through. It’s absolutely worth it, but I don’t blame anyone who can’t do it.
Due to the way tapings are scheduled as a weekend marathon, SHIMMER rarely announces many matches ahead of time. They don’t need to – they pretty much sell out their venue on brand and talent announcements alone. As they approach the weekend, they'll generally announce a few of the matches for the first volume of the taping and the stories progress from there (as of this writing, the main event of volume 114 will see Nicole Savoy and Aerial Monroe vs. Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez, and the rest of the card is speculative). It’s great for them, but it does mean that you have to trust the promotion as a fan. They tend to advertise matches for their Mania weekend card, as that is a standalone show.
The big issue SHIMMER faces is not a matter of content, wrestling style, or anything they have any real control over. Rather, it is their very small operating budget. Sure, the Eagle’s Club has a chandelier above the ring and that looks fancy, but SHIMMER operates on a shoestring. The small scale of the Eagle’s Club means that there’s no way to sell enough tickets to actually recoup the cost of the renting the venue from ticket sales alone (and that doesn’t count SHIMMER paying for travel expenses for international talent to come in, which they do). Essentially, SHIMMER lays out a lot of money and needs to sell the physical DVDs (and now subscriptions) to be able to cover the cost of the show. Except pressing the DVDs and having them made to a high standard also costs a lot of money, so SHIMMER pretty much lives off the sales of the DVDs and subscriptions. It’s led to them getting to the point of being a couple years behind on DVDs and being uncertain if they can even continue to offer physical media because they simply don’t have the money to keep up in real time. Until SHIMMER can get their financial status situated, it’s going to be hard to close that gap, but without closing that gap it makes audiences hesitant to invest in the product, forcing a catch-22 situation. I don’t foresee SHIMMER dying, but if it were to die it would be because it simply could not maintain enough profitability to be able to continue running shows as physical media dies and internet streaming takes over.
Overall, it’s an exceedingly well-booked promotion that puts on at least a couple great matches per show and a good atmosphere. If you’re into women’s wrestling, you should probably be into SHIMMER.
American joshi is possible
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2018.11.06 11:14 VenusUberAlles Meeting (Lythinian Incident Chapter 3)

First ~~~ Previous <<< Next >>>
"Glorious, is it not?," Admiral Ziegler commented as he gazed out the meta-glass windows. Below him, Lythin gently rotated, seemingly immune to the battle that occurred just moments ago. The illusion was broken by the flaming wrecks of Kthal ships falling out of orbit and the smoke from the craters on the planet's surface.
The Interrogator looked from the planet to Ziegler, choosing not to say anything. Ziegler let out a sigh, and decided to get straight to business.
"How did the interrogation go?"
"We had that xeno singing like a canary, Admiral Ziegler. One minute on the electrodes and she told us everything. Names, dates, locations. Everything."
"And? What did you learn? What were those ships? They definitely weren't Lythinian."
The Interrogator shuffled nervously.
"They belong to another xenos race known as the Kthal. They were here as representatives of something known as the Galactic Coalition. Apparently the Lythinians had allies. From what the xeno Admiral told us, quite powerful allies too," the Interrogator told the Admiral with a nervous shuffle. He could force a confession out of the strongest the Orion Spur has to offer, yet Admiral Ziegler still scared him.
"This is troubling. We cannot afford to wage a war with this Coalition when our forces are occupied in the west. Especially not if they have fleets like the ones in Lythin. I will admit, the decision to invade Lythinia might have been too hasty. For now, I say we seek dialogue with the Coalition. At least until we can asses their strength properly," Admiral Ziegler said with a dark glint in his blue eyes. Who knew what kind of dark thoughts were going through that man's mind.
"And if they prove weak enough to handle?"
"Then we destroy them. Simple as that. If I may ask, did the xeno give any indication of how we could approach this Coalition?," Ziegler politely questioned. The man unnerved the Interrogator. He could bring entire species to their knees and still remain polite. If you didn't know his reputation, you would think him a model gentleman.
"The Selurians. A group of aliens in the north. We worked with them during the Zarmin wars. In the time since we last had contact with their species, they joined this Coalition."
"I am quite aware of the Zarmin wars, Interrogator. It would seem I am to meet with our Selurian friends once again. Open up a communication line with Terra. I have some negotiating to do", Ziegler said, already beginning to walk out of the room.
"And what of the xeno, sir?"
The Interrogator didn't have to look, but he knew an amused smirk was on Ziegler's lips.
"She'll make a fine agent," Ziegler said with a chuckle. At that, he strode out of the room, leaving the Interrogator to watch as the Kthal dreadnought burned away in Lythin's atmosphere.
"We must act! Lythinia has fallen, the Terrans will surely attack us next! As far as I'm concerned, the Valisians can wait. It is clear that the Kthal must lead an expedition to drive these Terrans back to their homeworld!," said the Kthal ambassador.
"Spare me the attempts to regain your dignity. You lost an entire fleet to one half your size! The only thing clear to me is that the Kthal are no longer fit to manage the Coalition military. The position should be given to a younger and more competent species," replied the Delmi ambassador.
"On behalf of the Kthal we would like to remind the Assembly that the Kthal waged intergalactic war when the Delmi were banging rocks together," the Kthal ambassador said with a smug grin.
"On behalf of the Delmi we would like to remind the Assembly that the Kthal ambassador is a huge prick."
"Insolent bug! The Kthal are a Founding species! We led the revolution against the Dytikans! Your species is nothing but a bunch of -"
The Assembly fell quite. Councillor Felrina massaged her skull with 6 of her tentacles. This had been going on for three days now. Ever since the fall of Lythinia, the Assembly had been bickering. For three. fucking. days. Felrina was suddenly glad she was retiring in only 4 standard years. With a sigh, she leaned over to the console and began to type a message for the Assembly.
"Does anyone here actually have a reasonable plan for repelling the Terran threat?"
"You could try asking them nicely"
All heads or head equivalents turned towards the pod in the upper corner of the Assembly.
Admiral Chewmishra of the Selurian Clans twitched nervously under the combined stares of the eyes of the leaders of the galaxy's most powerful states. When the Selurian Chief heard about the Terran's request to use them to negotiate a peace deal he was ecstatic. This would increase the Selurian Clan's status within the Coalition, and set them up as the go between for any future negotiations or trade.
Chewmishra didn't have the guts to tell him that it could also backfire tremendously and turn the Selurian Clans into a pariah among the Coalition.
"Ask them nicely? Are you serious? We are at war, now be quite and leave this to the professionals," the Kthal ambassador said with a role of his eyes.
"I'm being very serious. The Terrans have had on and off contact with the Selurian Clans for nearly 200 standard years. 50 years according to their calendar. They have approached us with a proposal for a peace agreement," Chewmishra said nervously.
The Kthal ambassador opened his mouth to speak, but Felrina beat him to it
"We should at the very least hear these Terrans out. We can't afford a war with them. Even if we win, the war will leave us vulnerable to another Valisian invasion. Ambassador Chewmishra, did these Terrans give you any means of contacting them?"
"I'm sure you could ask them yourself when they arrive. There's an envoy in the Selurian diplomatic cruiser. They need your permission to enter."
"Security, I want 20 soldiers to escort the Terrans to an unused pod. Make sure they aren't carrying any weapons on them. Keep a guard outside their pod for the duration of their visit, and escort them back to the Selurian vessel," Felrina typed into the intercom.
"Mark my words Selurian, if these Terrans cause a problem, you're species will be the next ones the Kthal go to war with," the Kthal ambassador threatened.
"Did you get that Kent?," Jeirkin asked as the Terran finished listening to the audio transmission from the Assembly.
"Loud and clear Jeirkn"
Kent Williams reclined in his chair. He was glad the New America sector governor was willing to outfit the Selurian vessel with furniture suitable for human habitation. The Selurians were very experienced craftsmen, but their furniture couldn't sit a human child comfortably. On the other side of the sealed glass window, Jeirkin doused himself in water. The Selurians were an amphibious people, being dry for prolonged periods of time was extremely uncomfortable for them.
"So Kent, what do you think about the Assembly?," Jeirkin asked.
"That overgrown bureaucracy filled with grown men and women acting like screening children? I think I'm going to feel right at home. Is there anything in particular I should know?," the Terran inquired.
Kent had been one of the humans rescued by the Selurians from the Zarmin pirates. This was the main reason he had been chosen as the Terran representative. Knowing how to speak a Coalition language would be quite helpful, especially after Chewmishra informed him that the rest of the Coalition considered Terran basic to sound awful. Though Kent preferred the translator when talking with Jeirkin.
"You're going to trade a lot of foul words with the Kthal ambassador. His people run the Coalition's military. They are one of the Founder species, the most powerful and influential species within the Galactic Coalition. They are called that because they were one of the first few races to join the Coalition after they gained independence from the Dytikan Collective. A bunch of pricks if you ask me.
Next you have the Grelme. That's what Councillor Felrina is. Some of the best engineers and artisans in the galaxy. They communicate via pheromones, but they all possess text-to-speech devices.
And finally you have the Wyvaln. They keep to themselves mostly. They usually handle the day to day running and maintenance of the Galactic Coalition. Their worlds are the economic heartland of the Coalition and quite possibly the entire Orion Spur, but from what you've told me I think there are a lot of Terran systems that could knock them off first place."
Kent nodded, and with a sigh, went to change into the bio hazard suit.
"I still can't believe I have to wear this damned thing everywhere."
"Well it's not my fault you humans carry all those diseases. I swear you guys must have evolved on some deathworld."
"Yeah, something like that," Kent replied offhandedly.
"I'm only a soldier, so diplomacy is a bit beyond my realm of expertise, but I think having Coalition ambassadors drop dead after speaking with you isn't good for reputation," Jeirkin continued despite the interruption. The Selurian suspected that Humans may have originated on a deathworld, as implausible as that would be, but so far the humans haven't allowed anybody to visit one of their worlds to check.
"Touche," Kent replied with a grin.
"Come on, your escort's here."
The Assembly was massive. The place was as large as one of the football stadiums from New Texas. Each of the pods were the size of a mansion, tailor made for the species it was housing. Of course, the one Kent found himself in was bare of anything. But it was sealed, so he could rid himself of the biohazard suit for now. The other Terran representatives were just as keen as he was.
He decided it was time to stop delaying, and approached the terminal in the front of the room.
"Greetings, members of the Galactic Coalition. I am Ambassador Kent. I stand here as a representative of Empress Alicia and the Terran Empire."
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Delmy Salin (L), 58 - Arlington, VA Background Report at ...

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#tiktok #alejandro #mattia #kairi #alvaro #TIKTOK. Song No Idea (Dj Purpberry Chopped and Screwed) Artist Don Toliver Bella Twins on Dating Professional Wrestlers Sway's Universe by SWAY'S UNIVERSE. ... by Delmy Barillas. 2:08. Nikki Bella Shares What She Wants Most Right Now in Love (Exclusive) kairi and mattia go live talk about kai possibly crushing on addison rae - Duration: 14:41. angelina mora 10,424 views 💀 #mattiapolibio #alvaromeo. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Marcus & Martinus edit Instagram : @mmer.dimond This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Delmy Mendoza. Loading... Unsubscribe from Delmy Mendoza? Cancel Unsubscribe. ... Anna and Marina with Tips for Dating Ukrainian Women - Duration: 58:01. Dream Connections Recommended for you.